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Wednesday, 1 November 2006
Astra, through its subsidiary PT Sedaya Multi Investama, together with Komatsu Asia & Pacific Pte. Ltd. established PT Komatsu Astra Finance with 50:50 stakes. The JV started operation in September 2005
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- 5/23/2007
Astra’s Annual General Meeting

Astra’s Annual General Meeting :
Final Dividend Rp 440 per share

JAKARTA : PT Astra International Tbk (“Astra” or the “Company”) today, 23th May 2007, held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“Meeting”) and the shareholders have made the following resolutions:

  1. First Agenda
    1. Approved the Company’s Annual Report and ratify the Annual Accounts for the book year of 2006.
    2. Granted full acquittal and discharge to the members of the Board of Directors (BOD) for their management responsibilities and to the members of the Board of Commissioners (BOC)

  2. Second Agenda
    Approved the distribution of net income for the book year ended 31 December 2006 amounting to Rp 3.712 trillion with the following details:
    1. The final dividend of Rp 440 (four hundred forty Rupiah) per share including interim dividend of Rp 150 (one hundred fifty Rupiah) for each share, which has been paid on 15th November 2006. The remaining Rp 290 (two hundred ninety Rupiah) to be paid on 3 July 2007 for each share to all shareholders registered in the Company’s list on 19th June 2007 at 04.00 p.m.;
    2. Book Rp 100 billion (hundred billion Rupiah) as reserved fund; and
    3. The remaining balance to be reserved for the Company’s working capital and investment.

  3. Third Agenda
    1. Accepted the resignations of Mr. Neville Barry Venter, Mr. Adam Phillip Charles Keswick and Mr. Motonobu Takemoto as Commissioner of the Company and welcomed Mr. Akira Okabe, Mr. Benjamin William Keswick and Mr. Chiew Sin Cheok as member of Commissioner of the Company effective after the closing of today’s AGM until the closing of the AGM in the year of 2008. Hence, the composition of the BOC is as follows : Inaugurated
        President Commissioner : Budi Setiadharma
        Independent Commissioner : Djunaedi Hadisumarto
        Independent Commissioner : Patrick Morris Alexander
        Independent Commissioner : Muhamad Chatib Basri
        Independent Commissioner : Soemadi Djoko Moerdjono Brotodiningrat
        Independent Commissioner : Akira Okabe
        Commissioner : Anthony John Liddell Nightingale
        Commissioner : Mark Spencer Greenberg
        Commissioner : Benjamin William Keswick
        Commissioner : Chiew Sin Cheok

      1. Authorized the BOC to determine the salary and/or benefits of the BOD; and
      2. Determined the honorarium for all members of the BOC totaling Rp 600 million gross (income tax deductible) per month, paid 13 times in a year and effective on 1st June 2007, and authorized the President Commissioner to further distribute the honorarium among members of the BOC.

  4. Fourth Agenda
    To authorize the Board of Directors of the Company, with the approval of the Board of Commissioners of the Company, to appoint one of the big four (4) public accountant firms in Indonesia affiliated with one of the big four (4) an international public accountant firm and is registered in Bapepam to audit the financial report of the Company for the book year 2007; and to authorize the Board of Directors to determine its honorarium and other terms and conditions of such appointment.

Jakarta, 23 May 2007

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