Interior Design.

The BMW 7 Series indulges both driver and passengers with a new level of tranquillity and comfort in a supremely stylish setting. Travelling becomes unique experience for all the senses. An experience of luxury and elegance that can be enjoyed every day.


Anyone who takes a seat in the BMW 7 Series Sedan can lean back and relax. The excellent quality of design, materials and finishing create a comfortable ambience that offers plenty of scope to meet the highest of aspirations.

The BMW 7 Series Sedan is an experience for all the senses: the interior inspires with a generous feeling of spaciousness, exclusive quality and first-class functionality. Typically BMW, the cockpit is consistently directed towards the driver, with the new multifunctional instrument display offering tailor-made viewing options. Ambient light immerses the vehicle interior in one of two atmospheric colours while the Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system fills the perfectly acoustically insulated compartment with a rich, crystal-clear tone.

The new COMFORT+ driving mode in combination with the optional Integral Active Steering offers maximum comfort for all passengers: driving is superbly smooth, every corner and lane change takes place without rolling and becomes a single unique pleasant driving experience. In the rear in particular, individual climate comfort, optional comfort seats with massage function as well as the new rear-seat entertainment turn travelling into pure pleasure – and all of this with more legroom in the long version which has an extra 14 centimetres.


Control Display.

Quick comprehension of the complex together with intuitively correct decision-making: these are qualities that distinguish leading personalities. The new Control Display guarantees anticipation without distraction.

The highest objective in the development of the new BMW 7 Series and its BMW ConnectedDrive innovations was intuitive operation. The solution is at the focal point of the menu controls and in the centre of the interior: the Control Display with iDrive Touch Controller.

The redesigned Control Display is an elegant framework for the interlinked world of BMW ConnectedDrive – the menu that starts up and reacts at lightning speed guides you efficiently through this interactive world. All contents are prepared clearly, and their presentation is even more precise. The three-dimensional display with spots of light against a dark background adds more optical depth to the appearance. Significantly enhanced in performance and quality, it now permits even more straightforward and intuitive menu control.

Rear-seat entertainment.

A supreme standard of entertainment awaits you with the optional Rear-seat entertainment Professional. With their elegant styling and high-resolution displays, the two new free-standing, separately controllable 9.2” monitors offer first-class viewing pleasure – for every schedule.

The Rear-seat entertainment Professional indulges passengers in the BMW 7 Series Sedan with a superb multimedia experience. Whether radio, TV, DVD, Internet, the contents of your mobile devices or the desktop of your laptop: state-of-the-art technologies guarantee excellent listening and viewing pleasures as well as easy integration of a range of video and audio sources. The digital headphone connection ensures undisturbed sound reproduction without any interference or acoustic shadows.

With the optional separate iDrive Touch Controller in the rear, you can navigate with ease through your personal entertainment programme. You also have full access to the navigation system and other connected devices such as mobile phones.

Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system.

Listening pleasure to match the world’s best concert halls: with the optional Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system, the BMW 7 Series also sets the highest possible standards in tone quality.

Thanks to 16 active speakers, 1,200 watts and an acoustic lens, a top-quality musical experience is guaranteed – and in every seat.

Innovative technologies like the acoustic lens in the centre speaker, which extends when the sound system is activated, offer every passenger an exclusive box seat with perfect 3D sound. Precisely orchestrated, trebles, mid tones and bass notes treat the most discerning music enthusiasts to the acoustic fidelity and quality of a real concert hall – in the “Studio” mode to a crystal-clear sound, in “Expanded” mode to incomparable surround sound.

Perfect acoustics not only pleases pampered ears but also style-conscious eyes: the fully aluminium speaker trims in Bang & Olufsen design appear to hover when illuminated by the discreet lighting accents. Sometimes sound simply has to break boundaries so that music can develop its full potential.