The BMW 7 Series is rewriting the laws of dynamics in the luxury class of automobiles, with maximum precision, extreme agility and superior driving characteristics in any situation. And with unprecedented ride comfort for driver and passengers alike.

Driving dynamics.

Road conditions change. But you can always count on agility and comfort of the highest level, thanks to innovative drive train and chassis technologies, together with the new optimised driving modes such as COMFORT+.

  • Optimised driving modes

    The BMW 7 Series completely redefines driving dynamics – with perceptibly increased agility and maximum ride comfort for the driver as well as the front and rear passengers. With the Drive Performance Control, at the push of a button you can set the character of your BMW 7 Series driving experience. All driving modes have been noticeably enhanced: SPORT now feels even more athletic, SPORT+ guarantees maximum performance with style. The COMFORT+ driving mode gears all the connected systems, such as Integral Active Steering, damping, engine control and transmission towards ultimate ease of travelling – for even more relaxed driving or focused working in the rear.

Integral Active Steering.

By including the rear wheels in any changes of direction, the optional Integral Active Steering increases manoeuvrability, agility and comfort. Exclusive to BMW, it’s about mastering the road instead of just steering.

Agile in the town and confident on the motorway, Integral Active Steering combines speed-dependent steering transmission and power steering with the benefits of rear-wheel steering. At low speeds, the vehicle displays outstanding manoeuvrability and agility thanks to an especially direct steering transmission. And by steering the rear wheels in the opposite direction it significantly reduces the turning circle. At higher speeds, the steering becomes more indirect, which increases stability on straight stretches and enhances ride comfort.

Eight-speed automatic transmission.

Finely spaced rear ratios in the new eight-speed automatic transmission deliver eight times the travelling comfort. You also get significantly lower fuel consumption and enhanced gear-shifting dynamics. In the COMFORT+ driving mode, it changes gear with such silky smoothness that the transition is barely perceptible in the rear.

As you move smoothly and through the eight gears, the power development is impressively harmonious. At the same time, the light, friction-optimised transmission supports a sporty driving style with improved shifting dynamics and significantly more spontaneous gear changes.

The eight-speed automatic transmission drives efficiency too. You’ll achieve direct reductions in fuel consumption and emissions, with the ECO PRO option for fuel-efficient coasting. The eight-speed automatic transmission is a standard-feature in all BMW 7 Series models and can be combined with an Auto Start-Stop function (not in the BMW 730i/Li and BMW 760i/Li), for more dynamics, greater ride comfort, lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions.