BMW EfficientDynamics in the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo also leads the way in efficiency. Every single BMW 5 Series has a package of measures and technologies from BMW EfficientDynamics, which significantly lowers fuel consumption and emissions, leading to increased driving pleasure.

BMW 520d.

The BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder diesel engine produces an exceptional 184 hp (135 kW) performance from its 2.0 litre capacity. Its combination of CommonRail direct injection and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry produces a top speed of 155 mph (electronically limited) and acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 8.9 seconds, with a torque of 380 Nm at 1,750 to 2,750 rpm. Average fuel consumption is an efficient 51.4 mpg, with CO2 emissions of 144 g/km.


As soon as you switch to the ECO PRO mode, everything is geared towards greater efficiency, and depending on your individual driving style, this results in a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 20% (according to an internal BMW fuel consumption study).

The additional functions of preview assistant and ECO PRO Route (both with Professional Navigation System only) increase the potential savings by an additional 5%. This mode optimises accelerator and transmission response as well as shift points, and intelligently adapts the heating and air conditioning strategy. The Control Display shows you which EfficientDynamics technologies are currently lowering your fuel consumption. You’ll also receive ECO PRO tips that relate to your current driving situation to help you boost efficiency even further.

  • Preview assistant

    The preview assistant in conjunction with BMW Professional Navigation System is an especially innovative highlight of ECO PRO mode. Based on navigation data, it detects bends, built-up areas, roundabouts, T junctions, speed limits and motorway exits along the route and is able to give you tips in advance to enable you to reduce speed early.

  • ECO PRO Route

    ECO PRO mode also includes ECO PRO Route which combines with the new generation of Professional Navigation System to calculate the most fuel-efficient route, based on individual driving style as well as the current traffic situation and road conditions. The on-board computer displays how many additional miles you have gained from using ECO PRO mode.

EU6 emissions.

BMW engines have always been ahead of their time because they have been the core competency of BMW since 1917. The engines of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo provide particular proof of this. With outstanding performance, spontaneous response and smooth running, they meet the highest standards of driving comfort.

BluePerformance technology, standard on all diesel models, allows the diesel engine’s emissions to be optimised further. In addition to the diesel particle filter and oxidation catalyst, a nitrogen oxide converter reduces the NO2 contained in the emissions even more. Some models break down nitrogen oxide in a different way. The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) converter sets a chemical reaction in motion through an injection of the urea solution AdBlue, which reduces NO2 significantly. In the long run, this results in one of the cleanest diesel vehicles in the world with consistently reduced emissions. This fulfils the stringent EU6 emission directive that comes into effect in 2014.

Brake Energy Regeneration.

Every time you brake or take your foot off the accelerator kinetic energy is generated, and until recently this went unused. Brake Energy Regeneration harnesses this energy and turns it into electricity that is used to charge the car battery. The intelligent energy management system means that the alternator no longer needs to run permanently, which reduces the strain on the generator. The result is reduced fuel consumption and increased performance – classic BMW EfficientDynamics.

Auto Start Stop.

Auto Start-Stop makes sure that fuel is only used when your car is actually being driven. If you’re waiting at traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic, Auto Start-Stop saves fuel by switching off the engine as soon as the car is idling and you have taken your foot off the clutch (manual transmission), or when you brake to a complete standstill (automatic transmission).

A signal in the Info Display indicates that Auto Stop-Start is active. As soon as you shift into gear (manual transmission) or take your foot off the brake (automatic transmission), the engine switches itself back on in a split second so you can continue driving without delay.

Auto Start-Stop never compromises driving comfort and safety, as it remains inactive if the engine has not reached its ideal running temperature, the interior has not yet been sufficiently heated or cooled, if the battery level is too low or if you are turning the steering wheel. A central control unit restarts the engine if required, even when the car is at a standstill – for example, if the car starts to roll forward or if the windscreen becomes foggy. Auto Start-Stop can be switched off at any time with the push of a button.