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Consistent with our philosophy, to be an asset to the nation, Astra is a company that does not only strive to perform its business well but it cares for social issues. As part of its social responsibilities, Astra established some foundations, educational institution and community development.

Since 1999, Astra Groups commitment to environmental and preservation has been part of formal corporate policy. As a responsible company, Astra commit to meet the environment, health and safety standards in all of our facilities and also aim to be the leading green public company.

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According to Indonesian law, venture capital is a financing business that participates through equity in an investee company for a certain period of time but not more than 10 years. With the objective to provide financial facilities to medium & small enterprises (SMEs) to develop its business to be independent, modern and resilient, PT Astra Mitra Ventura (AMV) was established in 1991.

The company aims to assist SMEs through equity and training in order to develop management, technology, human resources and market opportunity. AMV participates through direct equity participation, convertible bond and profit sharing.

Opportunities to be partnering with AMV are open to all SMEs from various kind of business. However, there are some general requirements to be AMV partner venture :

  • Potential company with long term business
  • Open for partnership in direct equity investment and management
  • Provide required data and document

Benefits in partnering with AMV :

  • Active investment
  • Installment is adjusted with cash flow
  • Optimal resources development through training, apprenticeship and case study programs

AMV has reached certificated of ISO 9001 : 2001 expected to be able to increase quality and service and better management system for SMEs.

For further information please email mitra.ventura@affco.astra.co.id.

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